Music for the masses – – Fizy – Groove Shark

Here’s some free music places over the net.. These are the best 3 free music sites….

I have used this site for a long period of time 2-3 years.. Works well keeps track of your songs you played if you use the scrobbler software. You can also use it through a cell phone with a software called mobbler. (Google it!) Brilliant statistics are developed as you play your songs.. If you give some little money you can have extra benefits like ability to play your loved songs.. No need to carry any more usb player with yourself your whole library is over there… And it suggest songs you may like which works pretty great..

The next site is groove Shark.. Which is designed with complete flash action script programming.. It also have most of the features like But it is more designed like a media player. With more features in it.. Loads slower, havent found out stats yet.. But it is a search & play music site which overcomes which works like a radio. Yet it offers alot of things..

And for the last is fizy. Developed by some Turkish guys, which is an only search and play site which almost finds every song you need to play with the help of taking a look atsome video sites also like youtube etc. It is simple and fast.. Don’t know if they will add some more features in the future but if you couldn’t find the song you need must check it out at


Today i found this great 3d sculpting and modelling software with a new approch to modelling. Its easy to use and it is fast to create your models in the nick of a time.Sculptris Alpha 5 is a prototype of software currently being developed by Pixologicâ„¢.

Yet it is still in alpha stage it is really great already i am loving to play with it and it seems to be one of the leading 3d sculpting software in a couple of years…

Either you are a newbee or a pro you have to check this software..

Little Wheel

A cool and cute smaal adventure game online that i liked a lot..

Story is : There was once a world of living robots. But one day a bad accident occured in the main power generator. The world fell into a deep sleep. Bring life back to the world!