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Html 5 Rocks!

So it is time for all of us (the developers and especially flash action script developers) to get used to HTML5. It has been a while that it is here and it is the new emperor for the web. If you want to survive in developing bussiness you have to learn this stuff..

Since it is going be mobile all over the place.. HTML5 seem to be the most suitable platform to develop someting.. Since t wiil be ok both for pc, mac and portable devices..

This link is to show a brief slide show which is also made with HTML 5 to show you what it is capable of and this link may be used as some kind of a cheat card to find tips and trics in it..

Check the link…
and later go on to…


This is one of the most amazing art and technology combination i came across..

Karakuri: Creating Automatons. Self-operating machines.  Here is a video of one of its young artists: Hideki Higashino  which was beautifully shot by Matthew Allard

Japan has always been on the forefront of cutting edge robotics. Its roots can be traced back 200-300 years during the Edo period when skilled craftsmen created automata (self-operating machines). Using nothing more than pulleys and weights they were able to make the Karakuri (Japanese automata) perform amazing tasks.
Japans modern day robots can be traced back to the Karakuri.