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“A great state of art”. I think, from one of the biggest stock photo company gettyimages. They created a tool which plays music according to your selection of mood, tempo, style and acouple more choises. BUT.. what they added to this is, at the backgorund it plays a slideshow of pictures, photos and clips according to the selections you made.. A must see: http://moodstream.gettyimages.com/

Flabby Physics

It’s been a while now.. I was workin really hard.. Anyways i was still wandering around the net :)). Here’s one of the funniest games that i liked while wondering around the net.. Its called Flabby physics.. It looks as if a childs drawing and lokks really flabby but it was fun to try to kick the ball to catch the star.. Notin more to describe here go and see for yourself.. Link in Park is: http://www.flabbyphysics.com/